June 2010

Economic Crisis, Financialization, and a New Model of Governance

The economic crisis is nearly two years old.

Global: Pressure on workers’ rights grows as crisis hits jobs

Original source: The Guardian (Australia) The ITUC’s (International Trade Union Congress) Annual Survey of Trade Union Rights has documented a dramatic increase in the number of trade unionists murdered in 2009, with 101 killings – an increase of 30 percent over the previous year.

Resistance is Not Futile – Labor vs. the Cold War

Editor's note: Ben Sears is teacher, a labor movement activist and leader, a contributing editor of Political Affairs and a trained historian.

Mass Movement Building in the Obama Era

Editor's note: The following is excerpted from the main political report delivered to the Communist Party USA's 29th national convention, held in New York city on May 22. Sam Webb chairs the CPUSA. The full report, titled "A way out of the deepening crisis," can be found at CPUSA.org What a difference between now and five years ago when we convened in Chicago! At that time, a Puerto Rican woman raised in the South Bronx didn't sit on the Supreme Court.

Chinese Workers Pushing for Unionization, Better Wages

The push for private labor unions raises questions Original Source: Global Times (China) Zhao Lianguo threw a cigarette to each of his nine laborers and said it was time for a 10-minute break.

Australia: Workers Demand Equal Pay

Pay up! No more lip service to equal pay! Original source: The Guardian (Australia) This Thursday, June 10 at 11 am, community workers and their supporters will be taking actions across Australia as part of a national campaign in support of Equal Pay for Equal Work.