White House Regulation Review Not Fueled by Deregulation Ideology

As part of an unprecedented White House-ordered regulatory review process, the federal government has undertaken a "look back" process to identify and eliminate anachronistic, redundant or unwarranted regulations.

End Oil Subsidies to Help Fight Deficits

In mid-May, the Senate considered a proposal to end some of the subsidies for oil and gas companies that cost taxpayers $4 billion a year.

Why Have Women Been Excluded from Economic and Budget Talks?

Women were disproportionately impacted by the recession and have regained fewer jobs during the recovery than men.

China: Time to start restoring equality in the economy

Original source: Shanghai Daily

Michigan and the 2012 Elections

Because of Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision that basically eliminated disclosure laws and limits on much campaign spending, the Republicans are going to have an almost bottomless well of money during the 2012 election campaign for misleading TV attack ads through shady front groups.

Spain’s Tahrir Square

Spain’s people’s movement has finally awoken.

Does Official Washington Care about the Jobless, Really?

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60 MPGs by 2025

Echoing President Obama's recent call to ween the U.S. off oil, a coalition of almost three dozen local and national environmental groups are calling for a fuel economy standard of 60 miles-per-gallon by 2025.In a letter to the President earlier this month, the coalition cited rising gas prices, global pollution, oil-based trade relations with "regimes and individuals who are hostile to the United States," and the need for investments in job-creating, clean energy industries in the U.S. as reasons for raising the fuel economy standard.In his first week in office, President Obama raised fuel economy standards, known as the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE), from an average 25 mpg to more than 35 mpg by 2016.

Our Market Regime and Republican Ethics

“[A]n incarnate will to power.

Union Prepares to "Stamp out Hunger"

In 10,000 cities and towns across the country this May 14th, the 300,000 members of the National Letter Carriers Association will be collecting tens of millions of pounds food to help the needy as part of its 19th annual "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive.To explain the urgency of the need, the union's president, Fredric V. Rolando, pointed to recent Department of Agriculture statistics measuring hunger in the United States."Those figures show that the number of Americans living in homes lacking sufficient food topped 50 million in 2009, with one in three of those - 17.2 million - a child," he pointed out."Sadly, that represents a 30 percent increase in just one year," he said.

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