White House Regulation Review Not Fueled by Deregulation Ideology

As part of an unprecedented White House-ordered regulatory review process, the federal government has undertaken a "look back" process to identify and eliminate anachronistic, redundant or unwarranted regulations.

Prison Lobbyists Help Spread Anti-Immigrant Laws to U.S. South

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive News

End Oil Subsidies to Help Fight Deficits

In mid-May, the Senate considered a proposal to end some of the subsidies for oil and gas companies that cost taxpayers $4 billion a year.

Run Sarah, Run

As media reports suggest former reality TV star and Fox News personality Sarah Palin may be gearing up for a run at the Republican Party's presidential nomination (or at least another publicity tour), new polls show her public approval ratings in the tank.

Why Have Women Been Excluded from Economic and Budget Talks?

Women were disproportionately impacted by the recession and have regained fewer jobs during the recovery than men.

Michigan and the 2012 Elections

Because of Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision that basically eliminated disclosure laws and limits on much campaign spending, the Republicans are going to have an almost bottomless well of money during the 2012 election campaign for misleading TV attack ads through shady front groups.

Labor's Political Independence and the Stakes in the 2012 Election

Remarks by AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka, National Press Club, Washington, DCMay 20, 2011Good morning.  Thank you all for joining me here, and thank you to the National Press Club for inviting me to speak.

Obama’s Middle East Policy: Something Old, Something New

On this episode we analyze and respond to the President's speech on the Middle East this week.

Spain’s Tahrir Square

Spain’s people’s movement has finally awoken.

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