Republicans Defend Tax Breaks for Oil Companies

There's a big fight happening in Washington over oil company subsidies.

Students of the World, Unite!

In England when Parliament attempted to nearly triple the cost of tuition for university students last year, thousands took to the streets in mass protest.

Challenging Ideological Hegemony: Taking on the Media

Original source: Diary of a Heartland Radical

Cuban SEALs for Florida?

The debate continues: Was the killing of Osama bin Laden justified? Perhaps a rather useless debate since he is now most certainly dead.

Does Official Washington Care about the Jobless, Really?

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Presidential Order on Campaign Donations Could Counter Citizens United

In the case known as Citizens United, the conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court essentially gave free reign to the wealthy and powerful to influence the political process by striking down certain requirements that political groups disclose their income sources.

We Need to Challenge How Most People Think About the World

Original source: Diary of a Heartland Radical

Trump Out, Romney In?

New Hampshire is where the race, or should I say snoozefest, for the Republican nomination begins.

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