October 2010

US Tries to Trip China at Starting Line of Green Energy

On October 15, the US announced an investigation into China's clean energy industry under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, which empowers the US president to take measures against unfair or discriminatory trade practices by other countries.But this time the investigation is not focused on traditional industries or a single product.

Recession's Impact on Black and Latino Families

While much of the corporate media, most political pundits and much of the country's elected leadership would like to characterize America as a "post-racial" society in which "colorblindness" rules, newly released data reveals that racially-based economic inequalities may be at their worst levels since the 1990s.According to fresh statistics from the Census Bureau, the recession and the housing crisis have most adversely affected African American and Latino families.

Americas Fiscal Choices Conference Highlights Urgent Need for More Stimulus

Americas Fiscal Choices Conference Highlights Urgent Need for More StimulusDemos, the Economic Policy Institute, the highly reliable Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and the  Century Foundation sponsored a live webcast conference recently titled America's Fiscal Choices – Strengthening the Economy and Planning for the Future.