October 2010

A Boot to the Head

There she was, thrown to the pavement by a Republican in a checkered shirt.

Vote for Hope

Original source: Huffington Post

What, Me? Racist?

Original Source: Truthout.org

Poem: The One-Leaflet Theory of Revolution

O God, O Muse, O Creative Spirit,O shades of Revolution from generations gone,I chasten my heart and bend my knee to implore you,Send down,to one so tired of working and waiting,to one who winces with twinges of guiltover a sinful night of dinner and music,Send to this exhausted brainthat text...

Republicans "Pledge" to Slash Veterans Benefits

Democrats ramped up their campaign against a Republican Party takeover of Congress this week with charges that the Republicans want to eliminate some veterans benefits passed in the Democratic-controlled Congress.

Hungry for Answers

When Paul Krugman and Martin Feldstein – Reagan's Chief Economist, Trilateral Commission, Group of 30.... – concur  that there is literally no end in sight to the 10 percent - plus unemployment levels, and no known path to recovery without another major shift leftward in US politics; and that there is a 1 in 3 chances  of another recession next year; and a 1 in 10 chance of catastrophe in the event of another "externality" (unpredicted  war, climate crisis, currency shock, etc); and that the global scope of the crisis spells no cure through trade – its time sharpen our understanding of exactly what's happening to capitalism.

Republican Candidates "Pledge" Open Warfare on Working Families

Republican Party Senate candidates have pledged to protect tax loopholes for companies that outsource jobs, according to new media reports.

Dems Come Alive!

...a follow-up from Michael MooreWednesday, October 6th, 2010Friends,Ok! We're halfway through the week and we're off to a great start.

West Va.: Manchin vs Raese – Another "Time of the Toad"

In 1972 Dalton Trumbo published his account of the "up is down" era of the US anti-communist inquisition in Hollywood in a short set of essays entitled "Time of the Toad." The title refers to an anecdote from Emile Zola during his famous defense of Dreyfus in the midst of the ugliest anti-semitic attacks where, when asked how he could tolerate such hatred and calumny, he replied: "each morning I eat a live toad – then I am assured nothing worse will ensue the remainder of the day."Progressives in West Virginia are indulging in toad in their efforts to elect current Governor Joe Manchin to fill Senator Robert Byrd's US Senate seat.

Glenn Beck Schemes to Split One Nation, Totally Revive McCarthyism

Glenn Beck directed his tea-party extremists to the website of the Young Communist League, the Communist Party USA's youth organization, in his Sept.