Cultural Pluralism and the Left in Historical Perspective: An Interview with Gerald Meyer

Very briefly, the whole theory of cultural pluralism can be defined as a belief – a conviction – that the cultures of immigrants, particularly their languages, should be encouraged, sustained and developed, and not looked upon as something that should be erased and denigrated in any way, and that that would create a more varied and democratic culture.


Book Review: The Limits of Power

The author is a professor of history and international relations at Boston University. A lifelong conservative with several other books to his credit, Bacevich is a retired military colonel who served in Viet Nam and taught at West Point and John Hopkins University.

Is a Political-Economic Distinction Between Socialism and Communism Necessary?

In dealing with the current financial crisis, the US government is acquiring shares of financial and other corporations to which it is providing bailout funds. The press has been raising the specter that these actions are moving the United States toward socialism.

A pesar de la crisis, no hay que abandonar la lucha por la reforma migratoria

Se preguntan a si mismos los inmigrantes en EEUU, así como activistas pro derechos de los trabajadores inmigrantes, sobre el impacto que tendrá la crisis financiera nacional e internacional sobre la inmigración y los esfuerzos por conseguir un mejor trato a los trabajadores inmigrantes, con o sin papeles, bajo la nueva administración.


No Excuses: Financial Crisis No Reason to Drop Immigration Reform Struggle

Immigrants in the United States, as well as activists supporting immigrant workers’ rights, are wondering what the impact of the current national and world financial crisis will be on immigration, and on efforts to get a better deal for immigrant workers, with or without papers, under the new administration.


Breaking Unhealthy Barriers: Community Health Centers and Working Families

It was the passage of the landmark Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, the same year that Medicare and Medicaid were enacted, that marked the birth of America's Community Health Centers (also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers).

Afghanistan and the Lessons of Soviet Intervention

The Obama administration, as it seeks to withdraw from Iraq, finds itself in a far more difficult and complicated situation in Afghanistan. In February, the National Security Archive, a Washington-based institute that uncovers classified documents from the Cold War era, released a collection of fascinating documents from Soviet sources in the Gorbachev era.