En busca de señales

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Con la visita del presidente Barack Obama a México esta semana continuó el escrutinio de lo que dijo o no sobre el tema migratorio en busca de más señales sobre su compromiso de avanzar la reforma migratoria comenzando este año.


Obama Administration Unveils 'Smart Grid' Plan

As part the economic stimulus package, Vice President Joe Biden presented a $4 billion plan this week in Jefferson City, Missouri to fund the construction of a new 'smart' electrical grid.

Analysis: House and Senate Approve Budget Resolutions

The House and Senate moved the priorities of the Obama budget – important steps forward in passing their own Budget Resolutions on April 2. But the Senate’s steps towards investments in health care reform, education, and renewable energy were impeded by a number of amendments that signal roadblocks to overcome.

Obama’s Budget Moves in Right Direction, Needs to Go Further

President Obama's fiscal year 2010 budget proposes an ambitious and exciting agenda that invests in our nation's future. His budget substantially invests in the long-deferred and vital areas of health care reform, clean energy, and education. The President partially pays for these investments though a mixture of progressive tax changes and other revenue measures.

Editorial: Congress Passes Obama Budget, Struggle Starts Today

Both the House and Senate passed federal budget outlines for fiscal year 2010 on Thursday, April 2, which were mainly in keeping with President Obama's priorities.

GOP Budget Little More than 'Talking Points,' Says White House

Producing an alternative to the Obama budget plan has been something of a fiasco for congressional Republicans. They began in February by debating the scope of the Obama budget, criticizing the spending growth and inherited deficits as if President Obama created the problems facing the country.


Battle for the Budget: Can the People Change Washington?

Taking the first bold steps to reverse the Bush administration's budget priorities, President Barack Obama – with the support of the labor movement and other progressive groups – is pushing hard for passage of his first budget for 2010.

New Study Highlights Cruelty of US Immigration Policy to Children

A newly released study by the law firm of Dorsey and Whitney, LLP for the Urban Institute should be required reading for anyone who thinks that reform of our immigration laws and procedures is something that can be put off indefinitely.