Vigil Mourns Teen Bullying Victim

DECATUR -- A standing-room only crowd packed the sanctuary at the First Christian Church here Tuesday night, April 28, 2009, to hold a vigil for a Stone Mountain teen who committed suicide.

We Can Recover Prosperity With New Vision of Economy

The present global financial crisis is more than an “economic downturn” or an economic depression. It signals the coming of a new age. Astounding technological advances in production, communication and transportation have driven the capitalist system to the verge of moral and financial bankruptcy.


The Financial Bailouts: Secrets, Lies and Democracy

It is a step forward that the Obama administration plans to lift some of the secrecy surrounding US war crimes committed under the Bush administration. Those crimes include secrecy and lies, which violate the foundations of democracy.

Equal Pay Day: Gender Gap Harms Working Families, Needs Remedy

April 28th is Equal Pay Day. Because on average women earn about 78 cents for every dollar men earn, it took the average working woman from January 1st of last year until April 28th of this year to earn the same income the average man earned in 2008 alone.

Hate Crimes Prevention Act Goes to House Floor

Democratic House leaders are expected to bring to the House floor the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, also known as the Matthew Shepard Act, Wednesday, April 29th.

Top Senate Democrat Calls for Additional Torture Investigations

he Senate Armed Services Committee released its report on its investigation into the torture of US military prisoners earlier this week and prompted further calls for additional investigations to determine who should be held accountable.

Why We Need Municipal Internet

Imagine, if you will, a world where the streets in this country are privately owned by the country’s shipping companies. In our more modern example, Let’s say your particular street is owned by a company called FredEx.

Editorial: Federal Anti-bullying Policy Needed

The following exchange took place on a teleconference with reporters hosted by the White House last week on education reform. On that call Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke with the media about the president's plan to overhaul student loans and to make college more affordable.


Green Gutter Options

First understand clearly why your gutters need to be replaced. Are they rusted or broken? Are the fasteners no longer holding them in place? Or have the gutters leaked and failed to keep water out of your house? Answers to these questions will help you decide which type of gutter to choose.

Left 'Turning Points': Exploring New Ideas, Seeking Common Ground

New York City's annual 'Left Forum' this year was a solid success. Under the theme 'Turning Points, it drew more than 2000 participants to Pace University April 17-19, to take part in some 200 panels featuring around 600 speakers.

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