Dump Bush movement says ‘we can do it’

John Kerry and John Edwards left the Democratic National Convention July 29 to barnstorm across the country, buoyed by ringing calls both inside and outside the convention for George W. Bush’s defeat as a menace to world peace and democracy.

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African Americans and the 2004 Election

The United States was born from the struggles of the settlers for the right to have a say in their lives and their future. The Boston Tea Party in 1774 mobilized the citizenry around the slogan, 'no taxation without representation.' This is still the beacon call for today’s African American community and other segments of our multi-racial and multi-national country. It is imperative that the African American community be fully mobilized in this presidential year if Bush and his band of warmongers is to be defeated.

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Report on Venezuela's Trade Union Situation

The government of President Hugo Chávez was swept to power in Venezuela, an oil-rich country in the northernmost part of South America, through democratic elections in 1999. Chávez's government identified the major problem in the country as being the fact that the country's vast oil wealth was not being used to alleviate poverty, as 80% of the country's 24 million inhabitants continued to be impoverished.

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