Protest GOP in New York: Demand Health Care

When you arrive in New York City over the weekend of Aug. 27, bring your own slogans on homemade, union-made and community-made poster boards displaying your anger and demands for health care for all. Mobilize for the November elections to oust Bush, Frist and the other Republicans from leadership in Washington, D.C.

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Dump Bush movement says ‘we can do it’

John Kerry and John Edwards left the Democratic National Convention July 29 to barnstorm across the country, buoyed by ringing calls both inside and outside the convention for George W. Bush’s defeat as a menace to world peace and democracy.

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A Fiery Hell on Earth

For some time now, I have been searching for answers to a deeply perplexing question: Why is the United States promoting the spread of atomic bombs worldwide? By 'atomic bombs' I mean the kind that turned Hiroshima and Nagasaki into a fiery hell in 1945 -- A-bombs made from plutonium (Nagasaki) or 'enriched' uranium (Hiroshima).

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Report on Venezuela's Trade Union Situation

The government of President Hugo Chávez was swept to power in Venezuela, an oil-rich country in the northernmost part of South America, through democratic elections in 1999. Chávez's government identified the major problem in the country as being the fact that the country's vast oil wealth was not being used to alleviate poverty, as 80% of the country's 24 million inhabitants continued to be impoverished.

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What would you say to a health care system that provides for primary care physicians, specialists, prescription drugs, mental health care, drug treatment, long term care, and optical and dental care for everybody? That would be the Conyers bill H.R. 676. And it will cost most 95% of us less money than we are now paying. Who would pay more? The answer is easy--the guys who got the big Bush tax breaks.

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