Editorial: Iraq Is The Homeland of All... Let Us Build It Together

After the collapse of the dictatorship, Iraqis of various political, ethnic, religious and communal affiliations were looking forward to building a new life on the basis of respect for different opinion, multiparty system, discarding violence irrespective of type and source, practicing civilized debate, and the rule of justice and law.

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Torture and Bush's Word Games

There are battles happening everywhere these days about such difficult and obscure issues as how to define 'torture,' from Washington, DC to Teheran to Guadalajara. Is torture actually torture, or is it only 'mistreatment?' Are 'we' not the kind of people who do what US soldiers and 'intelligence' operatives have been photographed doing, or do 'we' actually have some 'responsibility?'

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An Empire of Torture

The scandal of British and United States soldiers torturing Iraqi people is growing and is getting worse by the minute and it won’t go away. Torture is not inflicted to individuals only, but it is also inflicted upon their families, their friends, and their communities and to society as a whole. It is a mark and a scar, which will stay there for many years, if not forever.

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Iraqi Trade Unions Speak Out Against Occupation

IRAQI trade unionist Abdullah Mushen demanded an end to the occupation and a 'sovereign and democratic Iraq' in central London on Thursday night.

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Iraq's Labor Upsurge Wins Support from U.S. Unions

Once the U.S. occupation of Iraq began over a year ago, Iraqi workers lost no time in reorganizing their country’s labor movement. Labor activity spread from Baghdad to the Kurdish north, with the center of the storm in the south, in the oil and electrical installations around Basra, and the port of Um Qasr.

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