Bush Economy Leaves Millions Behind

Despite Bush administration claims that the economy made strong gains this past year, real median household income did not grow and for full-time, year-round individual workers, real income actually declined more than 1%.

Wave of Violence Sparks Renewed Fears of Civil War in Iraq

This wave of violence comes on the heels of US military claims that it had succeeded in tightening security in Baghdad and surrounding areas. Widespread fears of sectarian violence breaking out into open civil war have so far not been alleviated.

UN to send police force to East Timor

Faced with strong opposition from the Australian Government, backed up by the US, Japan and Britain, the UN Security Council backed away from the call for both military and police contingents to be under UN control in Timor-Leste.

Cuba Welcomes Trade with New Mexico

Pedro Alvarez, president of Cuban Food Import Company (ALIMPORT), described as very positive and successful the recent signing of a letter of intent with Navajo farm businesspeople from the US state of New Mexico.

Voices of Dissent: Pop Stars Take on Bushism

Natalie Maines, of the Dixie Chicks (an unfortunate name for a great country group), in England, spoke up a few days before the start of the Iraq war.

Cuba announces medical education scholarships for 500 Pakistanis

Qatar's leading English language daily reports 500 Pakistani students will leave for Cuba to start their medical education as a result of scholarships provided by the Cubans.

Venezuelan lawmakers investigating US funding

Venezuelan supporters of President Hugo Chavez are openly questioning who the United States is funding in their country. A lawsuit may soon give the answer

Wealth Gap Grows on Republican Policies

Over the last five years, there has been a new concentration of wealth in the hands of the few in the US. Meanwhile, middle and lower-income families have seen their already precarious financial solvency eroded by rising debt and stagnant wages.

America's Rottweiler

The main product of this war is hatred. The pictures of death and destruction in Lebanon entered every Arab home, indeed every Muslim home, from Indonesia to Morocco, from Yemen to the Muslim ghettos in London and Berlin.

Guatemala’s Heinous Human Rights Record and Non-compliance with UN Mandates

Incontestably, Guatemala has been one of the worst human rights violators in Latin American history, a fact made evident by the bloody state-sanctioned military rampage that raged from 1962 to 1996, and took at least 200,000 lives.

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