Bush Economy Leaves Millions Behind

Despite Bush administration claims that the economy made strong gains this past year, real median household income did not grow and for full-time, year-round individual workers, real income actually declined more than 1%.

Wealth Gap Grows on Republican Policies

Over the last five years, there has been a new concentration of wealth in the hands of the few in the US. Meanwhile, middle and lower-income families have seen their already precarious financial solvency eroded by rising debt and stagnant wages.

US Economy under Stress

Like the dinosaur, 'the US economy is mind-bogglingly enormous, two and a half times as big as the next largest economy in the world and almost as large as that of the six other members of the Group of Seven combined.


What's wrong with globalization?

Globalization, as the term is generally used, refers to the extension of the production and distribution of goods and services on a vastly greater international scale than ever before.

Working for Change

Five dollars and fifteen cents, the federal minimum wage (FMW), doesn’t buy much these days. With $5.15 you can almost buy two gallons of gas, almost go to the movies, or almost buy two burgers and a soda – at McDonald’s.


‘Stop playing games with minimum wage’

A Republican bill that hid a huge, wolfish tax break for the wealthy inside the sheep’s clothing of an increase in the minimum wage crashed and burned in the Senate on Aug. 3.

The Job “Recovery” Is Over

With the fifth anniversary of the end of the last recession now approaching, both employment and wages should be fully restored to their pre-recession levels and growing in real terms. Instead, both are still below their 2000-2001 peaks, with no sign of any improvement before the business cycle turns down again.

$2.10 for Minimum Wage Workers, Billions for the Ultra-Rich

If anyone ever doubted that the Republican Party is the party of the rich, working tirelessly to make themselves richer off the labor of American workers, those doubts were erased as Republicans moved into action in the final days of the Congressional debate over the federal minimum wage.