America's Rottweiler

The main product of this war is hatred. The pictures of death and destruction in Lebanon entered every Arab home, indeed every Muslim home, from Indonesia to Morocco, from Yemen to the Muslim ghettos in London and Berlin.


Lebanon and Gaza: The Myth of Israel’s Self Defence

The Israeli and the western media has built the myth that the attacks on Gaza and later on the Lebanese population are a response by Israel to their one soldier being kidnapped by the Hamas on June 25 and two others being kidnapped by Hezbollah on July 12.

Israel: Displaced return to homes in the north

Thousands of displaced Israelis have headed back to their homes after a United Nations-brokered ceasefire silenced the Hezbollah rockets being fired into the north of the country.

Lebanon: Reconstruction effort begins

The President of the Lebanese Government's Council for Development and Reconstruction, Nabil Jisr, says the country would be rebuilt to a higher standard than before 34 days of conflict with Israel.

Human Rights Organization Describes Israeli Military Actions as Criminal

In a report published earlier this week, Amnesty International characterized Israeli military policies of destroying civilian infrastructure during its recent 34-day war on Lebanon as 'deliberate' and 'on a catastrophic scale.'

The Price of Ignoring the Elephant

'Peace in the Middle East' may make for a snappy bumper sticker. But a more relevant message to send to fellow motorist – and to the presidential motorcade in particular – is 'Free Palestine.' Because getting that message right would not only mean peace between Israel and its neighbors, but also the elimination of the greatest reason terrorists target the United States and its allies in the first place.

Lebanon: Refugees Return to a Devastated Land

It is a sure sign: in Tyr, children have found their way back to the seashore. Yesterday, on beaches of fine sand, they tried to forget this nightmarish month.

Hizbullah's Victory

As we begin to hope that the smoking rubble of Lebanon will finally be left to cool, undisturbed by further Israeli bombs, here is a preliminary assessment of the war and of prospects for the future in its wake.

Israel's War on Lebanon: Probe war crimes

Eyewitness testimony by Lebanese journalist Omar Nashabe makes a powerful case for Israel to answer over its use of illegal weapons in Lebanon.

Middle East War: Who Won and Who Lost and Why

For anyone confused about the results of the war in Lebanon, what with both Israel and the Hezbollah claiming victory, the following rule of thumb should be helpful.

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