Italian American Identity: To Be or Not To Be

In the 1950s and early 1960s, it was the accepted view among many social scientists that, as ethnic assimilation advanced, ethnic group identities would fade away. But in fact, ethnicity continued to impact significantly upon political life. Why was that?

Podcast #107 - Labor Leads on Employee Free Choice, Health Reform and more

On this episode, we talk with People's World labor editor, John Wojcik, about the coverage of labor and working class issues in that publication. When the corporate media is full of hype, you can get the facts at


Honduras: Pre-revolutionary Situation?

We have to differ with many local and foreign analysts who have tried to understand the situation in Honduras by imposing pre-existing parameters and by using basic concepts of the Marxist dialectic without any scientific criterion.

Youth Can Make the Change We Need

It’s been a long nine days in the YCL School. We held classes on Marxist Methodology, Socialism, Strategy and Tactics, the fight against racism and more. It has been a lot and I hope speaking dialectically that each of us is a different person than we first started. It’s all about the negation of the negation and everything is dialectical.

Amnesty International, Others Denounce Repression in Honduras

Human rights are taking a beating in Honduras in the aftermath of the June 28 coup d'etat which sent left-wing President Manuel “Mel” Zelaya into exile. Although the corporate controlled media are not reporting it, the de-facto government headed by Roberto Micheletti is employing heavy handed tactics to silence opposition activists and media.


Book Review: The Reification of Desire: Towards a Queer Marxism

Historically, straight Marxists’ attitudes toward LGBT comrades and movements have ranged from the virulently homophobic (condemning homosexuality as a “bourgeois deviation”) to tolerance (Lenin decriminalized homosexual acts in the USSR, although Stalin later re-imposed Czarist-era repression), to wholehearted support.

Podcast #106: People's World – Working-class Publication

On this episode, we play our recent interview with Teresa Albano, editor of the Peoples World. Albano discussed the PW's editorial philosophy, it's role in reporting on labor and democratic struggles, and some of the big changes it is undergoing this fall.

On Illegal Surveillance in Denmark

In June 1999 the Danish Parliament decided to form a commission to investigate if the Danish intelligence service had acted according to the law and to what the Danish government had stated publicly.


Right-wing Militias Resurgent

Timothy McVeigh, the perpetrator of the single largest act of domestic terrorism in US history in Oklahoma City in 1995, stands only as the most well-known right-wing militia member.


Non-discrimination Bill Gets Bipartisan Boost in the Senate

Civil rights and labor organizations this week praised the introduction of the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA) by a bipartisan group of Senators.

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