Cuban Sports a Regular Target of Talent Theft

Much as the international practice of buying and selling sports talent hurts the feelings of people who live in poor countries – euphemistically referred to as 'developing countries' – is actually part of a much more serious and deep-seated crime that also includes brain drain, the theft of a nation’s artistic and cultural patrimony, unequal exchange, asymmetric integration, migration for economic reasons and many other forms of imperial plundering.

Venezuela Responds to Washington Post Allegations

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington, DC categorically rejects the editorial 'The Advantages of Chavez,' published by the Washington Post today. Once again, this newspaper irresponsibly lashes against the government of President Hugo Chávez Frías and the glorious Venezuelan people.


Honduras: Pre-revolutionary Situation?

We have to differ with many local and foreign analysts who have tried to understand the situation in Honduras by imposing pre-existing parameters and by using basic concepts of the Marxist dialectic without any scientific criterion.

Amnesty International, Others Denounce Repression in Honduras

Human rights are taking a beating in Honduras in the aftermath of the June 28 coup d'etat which sent left-wing President Manuel “Mel” Zelaya into exile. Although the corporate controlled media are not reporting it, the de-facto government headed by Roberto Micheletti is employing heavy handed tactics to silence opposition activists and media.

Slave Cemetery Found Near Sugar Mill in Trinidad

Researchers from the History Museum and the Archaeology Department of Curator’s Office of this city on the southern coast of Sancti Sipritus confirmed the finding of the first slave cemetery in the ancient Guinia de Soto sugar mill.


Honduras Crisis Update: Supporters of Deposed President Zelaya Urge Restoration

On June 28, the Honduran army overthrew the democratically elected government of left-wing president Manuel “Mel” Zelaya and bundled him onto an airplane into exile in Costa Rica. This action, in spite of being given a constitutional veneer, was not accepted by workers and poor farmers in Honduras, who constitute Zelaya's support base, or by the international community.


Cuba: Gardening its Way Out of Crisis

Sunlight brightens the paved streets and historic buildings of Havana, Cuba, bouncing off the tents of vendors and the tin drums of a street band. Once stricken by poverty and inequality, the city has slowly blossomed as a result of the bustling enterprise of urban agriculture.


Yankee Bases and Latin American Sovereignty

The concept of nation emerged from the combination of common elements such as history, language, culture, costumes, laws, institutions and others related to the material and spiritual life of human communities.

Anti-Castro Mercenary Consternation

There must be consternation among Cuban dissidents on the payroll of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana after news circulated that a distinguished counterrevolutionary had been denied a visa to the United States. The man in question has a long record of committing violent acts against his country, something that he thought would earn him honor and glory from the empire.

Colombian Trade Unions: A Target for Intimidation and Assassination

Luis Adolfo Cardona worked as a forklift operator at an American-owned bottling company that packages 50,000 cases of Coca-Cola’s famous fizzy beverages a month. On an unassuming morning, Cardona narrowly escaped death when right-wing paramilitary troops attempted to kill him.

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