Seven Major Problems Associated with Global Warming

Warmer sea water means there is more energy to power hurricanes, and the computer-predicted increase in such 'extreme events' with global warming seems to be coming true.


Resistance to Global Capitalism Demands Unity

We believe the main direction of the current century continues to be that of the transition from capitalism to socialism. The appearance of the first socialist state, the struggles and gains of the working class and its allies, the achievements of socialism, the spread of revolutionary ideology and the defeat of European fascism were monumental accomplishments of the past century.

World AIDS Day

The United Nations has warned against the continuation of the epidemic growth and called for an exceptional response to the threat.


There have been news reports of a number of secret US prisons in Eastern European countries. These reports, coming as they do after reports about torture at Guantanamo Naval Gulag, at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, the Diego Garcia base situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and, of course, Abu Ghraib in Iraq, should show us that torture lies at the very heart of the U.S.-declared 'War on Terror'.

Pinochet’s aides long silent loyalty cracks

Chilean former dictator Augusto Pinochet ordered current ruling coalition presidential candidate Michelle Bachelet and her mother, Angela Jeria, arrested in January 1975, admitted former secret service chief Manuel Contreras.

Spanish Arms Sale to Chávez: Venezuelan F-16s Bad; Chilean F-16s Good

This fall has been a trying time for the Bush administration, both at home and around the world, but in no arena is its reputation more compromised or the contempt with which it is held is greater than throughout Latin America.

Venezuela´s Chavez Has US in a Tizzy

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was in the limelight at the Summit of the Americas on November 4-5 after taking the lead role in burying the US-backed 'Free Trade Area of the Americas.'

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