Robert Fisk Tells All

On a U.S. tour, award-winning journalist Robert Fisk spoke about his life work as a veteran journalist reporting about the Middle East. Fisk is the Middle East correspondent for the British newspaper, The Independent.

US CAN And Others CAN’T: The Story of ICANN

THE recently concluded World Information Summit in Tunisia last month was supposed to address the yawning digital divide: both between nations and within nations. Instead, most of the public focus was in who would control the Internet, not only the information highway of today but also a major channel for global commerce.

Venezuela calls for a more “political” Mercos

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez officially signed Friday in Montevideo, Uruguay, the incorporation of his country as a Mercosur “full member” and called for a more “political” block with a greater input of strategic planning.

It's Time to Dump Plan Colombia

The US policy of providing cash assistance to Colombia ostensibly for controlling the cocaine trade, a five-year program known as 'Plan Colombia,' is a failure. Despite Bush administration claims that Plan Colombia has significantly slowed cocaine traffic to the US, a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report provides evidence to the contrary.

Venezuela: Technology and the Bolivarian Revolution

I was invited to travel and speak in Venezuela at the International Forum on Free Knowledge held in Maracaibo during Thanksgiving. I also had the chance to speak with directors in many of the organizations charged with carrying out Chavez's vision of a 'Bolivarian Revolution.'


Canada's Election: Stop the Big Business parties - Elect progressive MPs

A spate of recent polls confirms what has been publicly acknowledged for a long time - that a clear majority of Canadians oppose a snap federal election this winter. And yet that is what all of the sitting parties in Parliament - including the Martin Liberals - seem intent on provoking.

Mayor of London Calls Bushies 'A Gang of Thugs'

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, England, threw a bash for anti-war activists this evening and denounced the Bush Administration as 'a gang of thugs.'  He praised the work of those present from the US and the UK who have worked to end the war, including offering high praise for Cindy Sheehan, who also spoke.

Resolution of Solidarity With Cuba

For forty-five years and as part of their systematic policy of hostility and aggression, ten successive US Administrations have applied a cruel economic, financial and commercial blockade on Cuba, a blockade that has been intensified under the present Republican Administration of President George W. Bush.

CIA Aircrafts in Turkey

Reports say that the torture aircrafts of the CIA landed the European airports over 300 times. The aircrafts landed most frequently landed Germany and Great Britain, 96 and 80 times respectively.

Tea for Two

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon—the little teapot, short and stout—is making a comeback. He ditched the outdated threads of his radical Likud to prance in the open fields of peace with favorite 'doves' like Shimon Peres.

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