World AIDS Day

The United Nations has warned against the continuation of the epidemic growth and called for an exceptional response to the threat.

Ontario Federation of Labour passes resolution endorsing Hands Off Venezuela

“The working people of Venezuela have repeatedly resisted and defeated attempts by the rich and powerful to overthrow the democratic government led by president Hugo Chavez, which has embarked on a process of social change that has delivered many important benefits to the population...'

Cuban Electricity Rates Adjusted to Encourage Energy Conservation

This change in the rates charged will only moderately affect residential customers, whose costs in Havana average around 150 kilowatt-hours a month; for that same quantity of electricity such households will soon pay about 24 pesos ($1.25 USD), up from 19 pesos.

State Monopoly Capitalism alive, vulnerable and dangerous

Britain has the third highest number of companies in the top 500 global companies by capital value after the US and Japan. In total 36. Their composition has much to tell about the nature of British capitalism.


There have been news reports of a number of secret US prisons in Eastern European countries. These reports, coming as they do after reports about torture at Guantanamo Naval Gulag, at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, the Diego Garcia base situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and, of course, Abu Ghraib in Iraq, should show us that torture lies at the very heart of the U.S.-declared 'War on Terror'.

Family Statements on Four Kidnapped Peace Workers in Iraq

We are very eager to have our four colleagues released.  We were very distressed to see the recent video of them.  We hope that Harmeet, Jim, Norman, and Tom have been able to explain their work and their opposition to the war and the occupation of Iraq.

Bush vs. Religious Freedom

The Bush administration is using the IRS in an apparent attempt to punish its critics and reward its friends. President Bush has proven himself a friend of some religious organizations, generously doling out billions of US taxpayer dollars to them each year in violation of the Constitutional injunction against doing so.

Bush to America: DROP DEAD

No one has ever confused George Bush with an intelligent man. What he has always been though is charming, folksy, if you believe the corporate press that is paid to make him look good. This charm was enough to fool America for five years now.

Television for Once is a 'Liberal Media'

As I see it, TV has gotten, all things considered, worse politically in recent years. The cable stations are all pretty rightwing, not just Fox News but also the others that specialize in news and current affairs, at least in comparison to the networks.


Music Review: System of a Down

This week, System of a Down are releasing their fifth studio album, Hypnotize, following on from their summer album Mezmerize. The two albums dovetail together effortlessly.

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