The Shameful Blasphemy of the Religious Right

In the 1930's, when I was but a child, my aunt was married to a travelling evangelist who presided over camp meetings and she was very proud of his work. She loved telling me of his 'miracles' of healing, saving souls, and casting out demons.

Chavez blames “Mr. Danger” for election boycott

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez blamed United States president George W. Bush for the opposition boycott to this Sunday’s congressional election describing the situation as a new US conspiracy against his government.

Statement: In Defense of Democracy in Venezuela

For the past six years we have witnessed how, in the midst of great adversity, millions of Venezuelans have taken their destiny into their own hands and worked together to achieve the construction of a society rooted in the values of solidarity, democracy and social justice.

Ongoing Quest for the Many Manifestations of Bigfoot: Mike Palecek's Latest Novel

Palecek's 'irreverent' novel is a potent attack on almost everything which is perverse, depraved, immoral, and malevolent about the US government and the society which it creates and perpetuates (through the public education system and its subservient corporate media).

Uncovering the Roots of America’s Terror War in Iraq

Max Fuller has written the most disturbing and thought provoking article of the year. In his “Crying Wolf: Media Disinformation and Death Squads in Occupied Iraq”, (Global Research) Fuller painstakingly lays out the details and documentation to prove that the United States intelligence agencies are behind the vast incidents of murder and torture being carried out in Iraq today.

US eyes on Venezuela

'THE United States is simply not responsible for everything that occurs in Venezuela,' says William Brownfield, Washington's ambassador to Caracas. This is the standard line that US diplomats trot out when they are in the frame over attempts to destabilise progressive governments.


Why must Japan pay costs for U.S. base in Guam?

The Japanese government is planning to pay the costs necessary for constructing a new U.S. base in Guam to relocate 7,000 U.S. Marines from Okinawa. Japan already pays 600 billion yen that covers most of the costs of stationing U.S. forces in Japan.

Joe Lieberman Smokes Crack

Joe Lieberman, esteemed senator from Connecticut and former vice presidential candidate, smokes crack, in large amounts and on a regular basis. I am in possession of reams of secret evidence confirming this claim, but unfortunately cannot make it public because it might reveal crucial methods and sources to America's enemies.


Protest against the So-called Anti Missile Shield in Poland

We underline the fact that the US, which are the biggest world producer and owner of the weapons of mass destruction conduct more and more aggressive policy and start tensions in international relations. By introducing 'prevention war' doctrine and label in arrogant way their political opponents 'rouge states', American war machine creates growing threat to world peace.

Globalisation and world capitalist development

Globalisation, as the present phase of world capitalist development is known as, is a development that can be understood mainly on the basis of the internal laws and the dynamics of the functioning of the capitalist economic system.

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