Bush's Reaction to Iran Intel Shows Him to be No. 1 Warmonger

Just how much are the American people supposed to take? Here we’ve got a president who lied us into making war on Iraq and who, despite a new National Intelligence Estimate(NIE), is stubbornly trying to lie us into another war against Iran.

The Tragedy in Nebraska: Get Guns Off the Streets Now

This morning's news is full of stories about yet another mind numbing massacre committed by a teen aged male in Omaha, Nebraska, with eight people dead and several wounded.


Atlanta City Council Stalls on Housing Task Force Resolution

The Atlanta City Council voted to first amend and then send back to committee a resolution that would have created a Task Force to study the effects of the Atlanta Housing Authority’s (AHA) Quality of Life Initiative on public housing residents.


Bush Admin. Denies Brian De Palma Visa to Attend Havana Film Festival

Renowned American film maker Brian de Palma could not attend the inauguration of the Havana's New Latin American Film Festival on Tuesday, in which his latest film 'Redacted' was screened, due to the harsh travel restrictions imposed by Washington.

Japan: Upper House Passes Bill to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

With the support of the Japanese Communist, Democratic, and Social Democratic parties, the House of Councilors in its plenary session on November 28 passed a bill to repeal the Special Measures Law on Iraq that allows the Self-Defense Forces to be dispatched to Iraq.


Kicking a Man When He's Dead: The Slander of Sean Taylor

Washington football player Sean Taylor is dead at the age of 24, shot and killed at home in front of his partner and 18-month-old daughter. Four people have already been arrested, three of them teenagers.


Bush FCC Chief Plans Big Media Giveaway

Following in the footsteps of his unsuccessful nepotistic predecessor, Bush regime Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin plans to push through a giveaway to Big Media on Dec. 18.


Chavez Calls Venezuelans to Continue Strengthening Socialism

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Monday that he would continue to raise the banner of socialism in his country, waiting for the day when history would allow it to reach its greatest height.


Is Barack Obama Electable?

Hillary Clinton is on the defensive again today after the report that Iran stopped its nuclear weapons program some years ago: Clinton voted for the Senate resolution castigating the Iranian Guards as a terrorist organization.


Australia: Arrogant, Imperialist Bully Bites the Dust

There is nothing like a severe defeat to bring out the critics. That is what is happening to John Howard as he sinks slowly into the shadows of politics.

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