Newly Displaced in Northern Iraq Considering Alternative Livelihoods

Nearly 4,000 people have fled their homes in Iraq’s northern semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan over the past two weeks in the wake of Turkish bombardments of rebel hideouts.

US Majority Opposes Iraq War

Most US citizens are against continuing of the war in Iraq, according to polls by CNN and Opinion Research Corporation.


Iraqi Labor Unions, Class Struggle and the Role of Women

In 1987, the regime of Saddam Hussein banned all unions in public services. The private sector unions managed to survive, but under the authorities’ control. In 2003, when the old regime fell, a number of unions regrouped.

War Is Over--Say the Pundits

To hear many in the mainstream media tell it, the Iraq War is of diminishing importance to American voters. But the evidence for such a shift in the electorate is thin at best--suggesting that journalists and pundits are really the ones who would rather not talk about Iraq as we head into an election year.


Iraqis Returning to Destroyed, Looted or Occupied Homes

Iraqi refugee Ibtissam Abdul-Wahab Hassan returned from Syria to her home in Baghdad to find the doors broken down, some furniture stolen and parts of the house gutted by fire.


Antiwar Actions Take on Holiday Flavor on December 21

Many of December's nationwide Iraq Moratorium #4 actions, calling for an end to the war, will take on a holiday flavor as activists adapt their protests to the season.


Iraqi Government to Cut Items from its Free Food Distribution

From the beginning of 2008 the quantity of national food rations delivered freely to all Iraqi families will be further reduced - from 10 to five items, due to lack of government financial support.


More Aid Needed for Displaced in Anbar Province, Iraq

Displaced families in Anbar Province, west of Baghdad, lack essential supplies, including tents, food parcels and medical care, local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) say.


Political and Living Conditions in Iraq

In considering political developments, the meeting noted that our country is going through a period of great complexity and difficulty, in which many internal and external factors interact.


Turkey Invades Iraq

On 2 December 2007 the Turkish military said Saturday's operation was the first since it had been authorized by the government to launch a cross-border offensive, and that operations will continue 'depending on intelligence gathered.'