Venezuela Enters Fifth Consecutive Year of Economic Growth

The Venezuelan economy enters its fifth consecutive year of sustained growth in 2008, according to predictions from the Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL).


Presidents Morales, Bachelet and Lula Agree to Atlantic-Pacific Link

Presidents Evo Morales (Bolivia), Michelle Bachelet (Chile) and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil) agreed Sunday in La Paz to build, starting mid-2009, a 4,700 kilometer corridor uniting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Venezuela Continues to Warm US Homes

Venezuela continues its program to help low-income US families get through the cold winter season. This year’s heating oil donation plan began Wednesday in a poor neighborhood in the US capital.

US Celebrities Oppose Bush Policy on Cuba

More than 500 artists, writers and scholars from the United States have signed on to a letter to President Bush requesting he put an end to the nearly half-century blockade against Cuba and stop impeding cultural exchange between the two nations.


Mexican Attorney General: Trafficking of people in Yucatan Encouraged by US laws

Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina said on December 19 that mafioso networks in Miami linked to drug trafficking also control the trafficking of “undocumented Cubans” carried out from within Mexico with the complicity of criminals in that country.


Appeal of Solidarity with the People, Government, and Progressive Forces of Bolivia

The reactionary forces, the oligarchy, the US government and some European forces promote a large scale campaign aiming to reverse the progressive processes in this Latin American country.

Mexican Farmers Demand NAFTA Suspension

Mexican national and regional rural organizations demanded on Tuesday that the government suspend the trade agreement with North America.

Cuba to Sign World Human Rights Pacts

Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Felipe Perez Roque announced on Monday that Cuba will soon sign the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.


Bush Admin. Denies Brian De Palma Visa to Attend Havana Film Festival

Renowned American film maker Brian de Palma could not attend the inauguration of the Havana's New Latin American Film Festival on Tuesday, in which his latest film 'Redacted' was screened, due to the harsh travel restrictions imposed by Washington.


'Shutting Up Venezuela's Chavez' by Roger Cohen: A Critique

New York Times editor Roger Cohen is in Caracas, presumedly to observe Sunday's constitutional referendum, and this column reveals the thoughts of a man who has no sympathy at all for the interests of the people of Venezuela