Inquiries on Paradigm, Interview with Eduardo Galeano

A humanist vision considers history to be a human product, which is to say, a product of the freedom of its individuals and the diverse groups that have enacted it and interpreted it. An anti-humanist vision asserts that, on the contrary, those individuals and those groups are the result of history itself, and their freedom is an illusion.

Witnessing the Decay of Western Hegemony and the Role of the Organic Intellectual

Antonio Gramsci differentiated organic intellectuals from traditional intellectuals, by emphasizing the role of the former in cultivating roots within their communities to help develop a self-inspired organic consciousness.


Some Reflections on 'Dignitas Personae'

Mixing up science and religion usually does no credit to the cause of scientific understanding. The latest instruction from the Vatican on bioethical issues is a case in point.

Video: Spain Rodriguez and Che: A Graphic Biography

Spain Rodriguez was one of the original members of Zap Comics and has a reputation as a political artist who pushes the boundaries of creativity. He is the author of several graphic novels, including CHE: A Graphic Biography.