Why the Union Won at Smithfield

When immigration agents raided Smithfield Food's huge North Carolina slaughterhouse two years ago, organizer Eduardo Peña compared the impact to a 'nuclear bomb.'

Why We Fight to Save Autoworkers’ Jobs

There have been various calls to let the domestic automakers fold. That bad decisions have led them to this juncture and if bankruptcy comes, so be it – why shouldn’t they be allowed to fail goes the argument.

Overview of the Economic Crisis

What will be impact of the Wall Street bankruptcies, bailouts and blunders on working people in this country and worldwide? What's the solution to the crisis?

Gender Pay Gap Costs Women Workers Billions

Over their lifetimes, working women of all educational backgrounds lose more than $434,000 due to the ongoing gender gap in wages, a new report published last week by the Center for American Progress Action Fund revealed.


LGBT Coalition Backs Employee Free Choice Act

A broad coalition, which includes some of the country's biggest LGBT civil rights organizations, reiterated this week its support for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a law that would make it easier for workers to join or organize labor unions.