Book Review: 2666, by Roberto Bolaño

Women and girls in the fictional Northern Mexico city of Santa Teresa are being murdered. Law enforcement officials, riddled with incompetence and corruption, have few clues and do not seem overly concerned.


Book Review: An Appeal to Reason

Nigel Lawson, former British Energy Secretary in the Thatcher government and “Lord Lawson of Blaby,” has written a book that, like some others which minimize global warming, uses partial truths, baldfaced lies, and specious reasoning to make his case.


Rise of China and Pragmatic Marxism, An Interview

I have a bit of hostility towards Mahbubani, given some of the statements he has made about China in the past where he has described the CCP not as the Communist Party of China but as the Chinese Capitalist Party.


Latin American Workers Uniting, Talking with Maria Pimentel

In 2008, the CGTB entered its 22nd year. During this period it has organized five national congresses. Today, the CGTB is active in 14 states of the Brazilian Federation. It also participates actively at the international level.

The Unjustifiable Destruction of the Environment

Can the capitalist society avoid it? News about this issue are far from encouraging. The project to be submitted for approval on December next year in Copenhagen, where the new Convention that will replace Kyoto’s will be discussed and approved, is being currently analyzed at Poznan.

World Backs Abolition of Nukes

Large majorities of people around the world favor abolishing all nuclear weapons, a new survey from revealed last week.

South Asian Trade Union Leaders Meet in Beijing

At the invitation of the All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) a meeting of senior trade union leaders of five South Asian countries, namely India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri lanka, was organized in Beijing on November 18 -19, 2008.

Cluster Bomb Treaty and the World’s Unfinished Business

The United States, Russia and China are sending a terrible message to the rest of the world by refusing to take part in the historic signing of a treaty that bans the production and use of cluster bombs.

World's Women Demand End to War

All the participants concluded that imperialist and its politics of rapine’s wars, blockades, aggressions and invasions are sources of people’s exploitation as well as working people, women and men.


Women and International Solidarity: An Interview with Marcia Campos

WIDF was founded in 1945, December, during the post-war against the fascism, in a Congress held in Paris and the first president was the humanist and scientist Eugenie Cotton. Since then, WIDF fights against fascism, neo-liberalism and imperialism.

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