Obama Creates Working Families Task Force

President Barack Obama began this week the arduous task of reversing the Bush administration's anti-working families policies. Welcoming labor movement leaders, small business owners, and representatives of not-for-profit groups to the White House Friday, Jan. 30, Obama issued three executive orders that will promote the rights of workers.


How Nigel Lawson Got Global Warming Wrong

Nigel Lawson, former British Energy Secretary in the Thatcher government and “Lord Lawson of Blaby,” has written a book that, like some others which minimize global warming, uses partial truths, barefaced lies, and specious reasoning to make his case.


'Depression Economics,' Recovery and Socialist Transition

“Depression economics” is a term that Krugman came up with over a decade ago. His main point is that monetary policy, once you get into a depression, becomes ineffective, and the only possible way to manage the economy or influence its direction once interest rates have reached zero – which, coincidentally, they are pretty close to right now.


The End of Neo-Liberalism and Bush's Last Scam: How Racism Sparked the Financial Crisis

With the collapse of several banks and insurance companies, the near bankruptcy of Detroit automakers, a 50 percent drop in world stock exchanges and an almost complete arrest of credit markets, an economic era has ended.

Coal: The Four-letter Word That Won't Go Away

Coal miners are now suffering from black lung disease at a higher rate than in the previous decade. In fact, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the prevalence of black lung disease has doubled over the past five years.


Obama Pushes Hard on Economic Recovery

Taking the case for passing his economic recovery plan to the people in his first weekly video address as president, Barack Obama emphasized the need to pass the measure in order to offset growing unemployment and declining family incomes.

Economy: Conservative Plan Isn't About 'Recovery'

The missive that House conservatives issued early Friday may be called an 'economic recovery plan,' but it is as threadbare as the big discount goods store that went belly-up in my neighborhood a few weeks ago and is now in the final days of bankruptcy liquidation.

Public Investment Better than Tax Cuts for Stimulus

When it comes to reviving the economy, tax cuts do not work as well as smart public spending. That is economic common sense proven true by the past two attempts at tax-cut stimulus, in 2008 and in 2003-04.

Capitalism’s Self-inflicted Apocalypse

After the overthrow of communist governments in Eastern Europe, capitalism was paraded as the indomitable system that brings prosperity and democracy, the system that would prevail unto the end of history.

Unions Need Unity, but More

OAKLAND, CA (1/10/09) -- Twelve unions met in Washington DC last week, and announced they're considering rejoining the two labor federations, the American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and Change to Win (CTW), that split apart five years ago.

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