Israeli CP Launches Election Campaign Against Extremism

Hadash (the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality – Communist Party of Israel) launched its new election campaign today (Monday, January 26, 2009) ahead of the nearing general elections, and has chosen to focus on the fight against fascism and racism.

Nuclear Energy on the Road to Middle East Peace

Aspirations by Iran for a nuclear energy industry are not new. US opposition to it is, however, according to new declassified document published this week by the National Security Archive.

Cease Fire, Cease Siege

Arish, Egypt— Yesterday, en route to the Rafah border crossing that leads into Gaza, our driver pointed to a long line of trucks laden with goods that are desperately needed in every area of Gaza. 'You see,' he said, 'all of this is to help people.'

New Media Look at the Middle East?

Sarcastically dismissing an immediate ceasefire in Gaza as a 'noble ambition,' this week President George W. Bush blamed Hamas exclusively for the violence committed by the Israeli military that has left hundreds of noncombatants, including children, killed or wounded since Dec. 27th.

New Details on Atrocities in Gaza

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have continued their war on the Gaza Strip for the 9th consecutive day, causing more deaths and casualties among Palestinian civilians. IOF warplanes have launched more strikes against several civilian facilities in the context of their war on the Gaza Strip.

Israel: Over 150,000 Protest Gaza Deadly Military Operation

Over 150,000 people demonstrated yesterday (Saturday, January 3, 2009) in Israel against Operation Cast Lead: in the northern Arab town of Sakhnin and in Tel-Aviv. The demonstration in Sakhnin was, by far, the biggest such protest in Israel.

Cease Fire Now!

This war is inhuman, unnecessary and harmful. Nothing good for Israel will come out of it! The killing of hundreds of Palestinians and the destruction of the infrastructure of life in the Gaza Strip are abominable acts.

Communist Party USA Denounces Gaza Invasion

The Communist Party of the USA expresses its outrage at Israel's invasion of Gaza, carried out in defiance of world public opinion.

Concern over Israel Targeting Civilian Objects in the Gaza Strip

Since the beginning of the military operation in the Gaza Strip, on 27 December 2008, the army has bombed dozens of houses, public buildings, and other structures throughout the Gaza Strip.

Is Israel Too Imprisoned in the Familiar Ceremony of War?

After its severe strike on Gaza, Israel would do well to stop, turn to Hamas' leaders and say: Until Saturday Israel held its fire in the face of thousands of Qassams from the Gaza Strip. Now you know how harsh its response can be.

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