Unexploded Ordinance Threat in Gaza

On 20 January two Palestinian children were killed by unexploded ordnance (UXO) in the Shaaf area, near Jabalia, east of Gaza city, highlighting a new threat to people’s lives in Gaza.

Breaking Gaza’s Will: Israel’s Enduring Fantasy

Isn't 60 years of suffering and survival enough to convince Olmert that the will of the Palestinians cannot be broken? How many heaps of wreckage and mutilated bodies will be enough to convince the prime minister that those who fight for their freedom will either be free or will die trying?

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Needs to be Addressed

The Israeli offensive into Gaza ended this past weekend as Israel, under severe international pressure, declared a unilateral ceasefire and ordered the withdrawal of its troops from the Palestinian territory.

Displaced Gazans seek Shelter from the Cold

One of the chief concerns for displaced Gazans and aid agencies is to find adequate shelter in temperatures that can drop to less than 7-8 degrees Centigrade at night.

Nuclear Energy on the Road to Middle East Peace

Aspirations by Iran for a nuclear energy industry are not new. US opposition to it is, however, according to new declassified document published this week by the National Security Archive.

Israeli Aid Groups Call for Urgent Action in Gaza

Nine Israeli human rights and aid organizations have released their findings on the situation in Gaza and called on the Israeli government to take urgent action to alleviate the dire humanitarian situation there.

The Gaza War

Upon the launching of the attack on Gaza, Ehud Barak struck the pose of Julius Caesar, who announced with his crossing of the Rubicon that “the die is cast,” and declared “combat has begun.”

Reports of Incinerating Bombs Used in Gaza

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) utterly condemns the mass killing of civilians by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) during its ongoing military operation in the Gaza Strip. The current death toll stands at 983, including at least 673 civilians, of whom approximately 225 are children.

200 Dead in Gaza Since UN Ceasefire Resolution

A group of leading international aid agencies today said that more than 200 lives have been lost since the UN passed its binding resolution stipulating an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel which was dismissed by the conflicting parties.

Cease Fire, Cease Siege

Arish, Egypt— Yesterday, en route to the Rafah border crossing that leads into Gaza, our driver pointed to a long line of trucks laden with goods that are desperately needed in every area of Gaza. 'You see,' he said, 'all of this is to help people.'

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