The Communist Party: A Work in Progress in a Changing World

No organization or institution can long exist in a condition of stasis; organizations in general and political parties and social movements in particular have to adjust to new conditions.


Business Interests Splitting Over Honduras Coup?

A group of apparel makers with business interests in Honduras, in a July 27th letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, endorsed the administration's call for restoration of democracy and basic civil rights and liberties in that country.


What is Socialism and Why Should We Fear It?

Barack Obama's opponents regularly charge him with being a socialist and of favoring socialistic measures. There is little or no discussion of what socialism entails.

Advocates Mourn 1000th Legal Injection

ATLANTA – The State of Ohio executed death row inmate Marvallous Keene, 36, on Tuesday, July 21, 2009, marking the 1,000th time in the United States that the government has killed a prisoner by lethal injection.

Podcast #105: Minimum Wage Not Enough

On this episode, President Obama fires back against Republican obstructionism of health reform. The minimum wage goes up July 24th to $7.25 per hour. And we play excerpts of a recent interview with Dan Kovalik a United Steelworkers union staffer who traveled to Honduras earlier this month to observe pro-democracy protests against the military coup.


Protect Democracy, End the Coup in Honduras, an Interview

What really is at stake is a return to the period when there were episodic military coups in the region which brought into power military regimes which were very repressive towards workers, peasants and poor people, where they were actually murdering thousands of people.


US Needs to Listen to President Arias on its Role in Latin America

Oscar Arias, the president of Costa Rica and the person who will serve as mediator of the crisis in Honduras, writes in an OpEd piece July 10th in the Miami Herald, “This coup demonstrates, once more, that the combination of powerful militaries and fragile democracies creates a terrible risk.”


Hondurans Pour into the Streets Demanding Zelaya's Return

The day started out full of joy, as thousands of Hondurans converged in front of the National Institute of Pedagogy, intent on marching about three miles to the airport to greet the plane that was supposed to bring deposed President Zelaya back to Honduras.

International Rejection of Honduras Coup

As reported by the media, right-wing military forces waged this coup subsequent to their opposition to a consultative referendum about the necessity to amend the constitution in order to continue the democratic developments in the country.

Honduran Activists Report Army 'Forcibly Recruiting' Youngsters in Rural Areas

During a telephone conference call with journalists in Costa Rica, Honduran activists today reported that human rights defenders have been threatened and that the Honduran army is forcibly recruiting youngsters in rural areas, following the 'coup' on Sunday.

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