International Rejection of Honduras Coup

7-06-09, 9:07 am

The Statement of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran

Tudeh Party of Iran condemns military coup in Honduras!

The Central Committee of Tudeh Party of Iran condemns the military coup d'etat against the democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya in Honduras as an act of violation of national sovereignty of that nation and in line with the interest of the reactionary circles and the world imperialism.

As reported by the media, right-wing military forces waged this coup subsequent to their opposition to a consultative referendum about the necessity to amend the constitution in order to continue the democratic developments in the country. The coup perpetrators shut down the public TV channel and also electricity and telephone lines in order to impose an information blackout in the country during the coup. However, as people learned about the coup, they have staged protest demonstrations which were confronted by police and military forces.

Tudeh Party of Iran, which in the past three weeks has been active alongside the people of Iran in organizing the popular resistance movement against the violations of the laws and election fraud perpetrated by the ultra-right and extremely regressive forces in Iran, utterly appreciates the legitimacy and authenticity of the protest movement and the reason for frustration of the working class and people of Honduras. Tudeh Party of Iran joins the progressive and democratic forces of the world, including the workers and communist parties, in denouncing the coup against the legitimate government of Honduras, and calls for military, political and diplomatic isolation of the perpetrators of the coup d'etat by the international community so that the legal president elected by the people of Honduras could return to country and reinstated.

Tudeh Party of Iran strongly condemns the coup d'etat by the military forces of Honduras and together with all the progressive forces of the world demands an immediate end to the violence by military forces against the civil citizens who are protesting against the coup. We express our solidarity with the defenders of democratic rights in Honduras.

Statement from the press office of the Central Committee of the Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus (AKEL)

Nicosia – 1 July 2009 – AKEL condemns the recent military coup in Honduras which led to the overthrow of President Manuel Zelaya and his expulsion to Costa Rica.

This barbarian and condemnable action by officials of the armed forces and reactionary forces in Honduras recalls in our memory the fascist coups and dictatorships that for decades existed in a number of Latin American countries.

We also condemn the attack by the coupists against the Ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in Honduras, as well as against the Foreign Minister of Honduras Patricia Rodas. This action represents a flagrant violation of International Law and the principles of the United Nations and reveals the real intentions, reactionary character and ideological orientation of the coupist forces in Honduras.

It is evident that the motives of the coupists are guided by their opposition to the policies followed by President Manuel Zelaya in relation to the initiation of changes in the Constitution, as well as to the participation of the country in the policies of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americans (ALBA), which Honduras had become a member of under the government of Zelaya. Moreover, it is not by chance that the coup took place just a few days after the Summit meeting of ALBA.

Subsequently, we consider every form of foreign interventions in support of the coupists as condemnable and we demand the immediate reinstatement of democratic legality in Honduras, with the restoration of the constitutionally-elected government of M. Zelaya.

Finally, we express our solidarity with the people of Honduras and its struggles to reinstate democratic legality in the country.

On the coup d'etat in Honduras, Communist Party of Portugal, July 1, 2009

The PCP strongly condemns the coup d'etat in Honduras executed on Sunday, June 28, aiming to prevent a free political manifestation by the Honduran people and crush the ongoing democratic process in the country. The PCP expresses its solidarity with the resistance and growing mobilization of the workers, the popular masses and the Honduran democratic and progressive forces for an immediate return to democratic legality in that Central American country.

In the same manner, the PCP expresses its profound repudiation and concern regarding the repressive measures taken against the popular movement demonstrating in the streets and the setting up of an information blackout and curtailment of freedoms by the perpetrators of the coup, bringing to memory a recent black past of fascist military coups in Honduras and in Central and Latin America in general.

The PCP, while supporting the wide international condemnation of the coup and the vast solidarity actions with the Honduran people, mainly by Latin American revolutionary and progressive forces, alerts to any maneuvers that, under the cover of a formal condemnation of the coup d'etat which overthrew the Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, seek in fact to legitimize the aims of this anti-constitutional action perpetrated by the oligarchy and the most backward forces in Honduras, in line with the attempts by imperialism to suppress and reverse the processes of emancipation and cooperation among peoples that today blossom in Latin America and the Caribbean.