A Coup is a Coup is a Coup: March on SouthCom in Solidarity with the People of Honduras

Those who have supported the SOA Watch over the years know that Fort Benning and the US Southern Command (SouthCom, the command and control facility for the US military in Latin America and the Caribbean) go hand in hand. Saturday morning, July 25, 60 people (two-thirds of them Latino) gathered in the pouring rain to march to the gates of SouthCom in solidarity with the people of Honduras.


Business Interests Splitting Over Honduras Coup?

A group of apparel makers with business interests in Honduras, in a July 27th letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, endorsed the administration's call for restoration of democracy and basic civil rights and liberties in that country.


Honduras Against History: By Their Methods You Shall Know Them

The Bible relates the story of how the teachers of the law brought before Jesus an adulterous woman. They intended to stone her to death, as they were required to do by the law of God, which at the time was said to be the law of men as well.

Podcast #105: Minimum Wage Not Enough

On this episode, President Obama fires back against Republican obstructionism of health reform. The minimum wage goes up July 24th to $7.25 per hour. And we play excerpts of a recent interview with Dan Kovalik a United Steelworkers union staffer who traveled to Honduras earlier this month to observe pro-democracy protests against the military coup.


Cuba to Graduate over 25,000 New Health Professionals

Over 25,000 health professionals will graduate this year in Cuba, in the largest graduation ceremony ever in the history of medicine on the island, which will be dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.


Coup in Honduras: the US Involvement

A coup in the new area of Latin American and Caribbean democracy? How could this be? All we have to do is look back over the last seven years to see that the coup in Honduras demonstrates that things have not really changed much.

Unions Denounce Coup in Honduras

Workers Uniting, representing 3.5 million workers in North America, the UK and Ireland, unequivocally condemns the military coup and kidnapping of the democratically elected President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya.


Manuel Zelaya: No Negotiation Possible with De Facto Government

Honduras' constitutional President Manuel Zelaya affirmed on Tuesday that what came out of his conversation with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is an agreement to a mediation by Costa Rica's President Oscar Arias to reinstate constitutional order in Honduras.

International Rejection of Honduras Coup

As reported by the media, right-wing military forces waged this coup subsequent to their opposition to a consultative referendum about the necessity to amend the constitution in order to continue the democratic developments in the country.


No Press Freedom in Post-Coup Honduras

When José David Ellner Romero heard the soldiers breaking down the door of the Globo radio station on the evening of the June 28 coup, he had a flashback.

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