Just Do It?

Let’s start with a fact. People do not just 'like' sports. Those who really know their game feel that it contains the basis for an entire ethics, that if we appreciate how the sport disciplines shape our minds and bodies we will have access to a model for living; and that, in playing, we will learn something about ourselves.


Poetry - Tables


Senior year, sixteen, balancing trays
of steak and beer to take to fat, drunk men.
Rancid women hissed steam, blamed me
for their children’s boredom and fickle tastes.

The GNU Left

In the Information Technology world, the Free Software Foundation is the organization that struggles against the drive to convert knowledge itself into a capitalist commodity known as Intellectual Property. Today, the FSF and the Linux movement have given rise to an increasing number of politically active programmers, including the Progressive Programmers League.

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