Bush Angers Cuban Americans

The latest anti-Cuban regulations have done much to bring Cubans living in the US together. One issue more than any other has provoked their outrage: the definition of 'family.' New Bush administration regulations announced recently are cunningly designed to starve Cuba of vitally needed dollars and international support.

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The Verala Project and the CIA

There is an amazing attack on John Kerry in Saturday’s (6/19) New York Times, authored by one of the Times’ newly appointed columnists recruited from the ultra-right fringe. David Brooks attacked Senator Kerry for saying the CIA funded and directed Varela Project to destabilize the Cuban government was 'counterproductive.'

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Remembering Ronald Reagan

The 40th president of the United States has passed away. His supporters claim he was the greatest president of the past century. They want to carve his head on Mt. Rushmore and put him on the ten-dollar bill – displacing the hapless non-presidential Alexander Hamilton. But the truth is Reagan was a horrible president.

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