Outsource Bush, not Jobs

'[F]oreign outsourcing of service jobs is good for the American economy' is the mantra of Bush administration officials Treasury Secretary John Snow and Council of Economic Advisers Gregory Mankiw, according to a recent report by Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF).

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The Real Ronald Reagan

The Bush administration is using former President Reagan’s death to boost Bush’s failing campaign. They gave Reagan full honors: with a federal day of mourning and an official state funeral. The TV was saturated with commentaries about how great a President Reagan was.

Remembering Ronald Reagan

The 40th president of the United States has passed away. His supporters claim he was the greatest president of the past century. They want to carve his head on Mt. Rushmore and put him on the ten-dollar bill – displacing the hapless non-presidential Alexander Hamilton. But the truth is Reagan was a horrible president.

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Bush's Anti-union Record

A recently released AFL-CIO report on the Bush administration’s record titled 'Bush Watch' shows the White House occupant to be a dismal failure as well as decidedly anti-working-class. Not a big surprise, right? Let’s look at the record.

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