Back to the 19th Century

While Obama proclaims the 21st century, the government of Israel is returning to the 19th. One man spoke to the world, and the world listened. He walked onto the stage in Cairo alone, without hosts and without aides, and delivered a sermon to an audience of billions.


Racists, Known and Unknown

When President Obama stated that he didn't feel any pressure to choose either a minority or a woman in his choice to replace Supreme Court Justice David Souter, I immediately twittered to the known universe that he was going to pick a white guy. By now the name Sotomayor is a household word. Shows you how much I know.

Broadening the Campaign for the Employee Free Choice Act

Today at noon (June 8) Mayor Carl Redus of Pine Bluff, Arkansas hosted a meeting for the AFL-CIO with the Arkansas Conference of Black Mayors. Twenty or so mayors were at the lunch meeting at the Pine Bluff Ramada Conference Center.


Obama at Buchenwald Buries Reagan Past

President Obama is back from his trip abroad. It was a remarkable tour, during which he spoke of peace, democracy and progress in Egypt, and then, in Germany, he confronted some of the greatest crimes against humanity ever perpetrated, crimes that were the direct result of fascism and war.


In Memory of Ronald Takaki

Ronald Takaki, a gifted and enormously productive scholar and teacher died last month. The press reported that his death followed a 20-year struggle with multiple sclerosis. Takaki was a gentle unassuming man, a remarkable lecturer with a sometimes whimsical sense of humor.


Laughter and Anger

Yet the fact is that Miss Childress, maintaining a light and charming tone, and the greatest readability, does move the reader – to tears and to laughter – but mostly to anger, the kind of anger which is the courage to change and fight against the ugliness surrounding us.


Recycling Your Old Mattress

A typical mattress is a 23 cubic foot assembly of steel, wood, cotton and polyurethane foam. Given this wide range of materials, mattresses have typically been difficult to recycle – and still most municipal recycling facilities won’t offer to do it for you.

Be Careful with Tourism from the US to Cuba

The advantages and dangers of Cuba being opened to visitors from the United States have begun to be assessed from a great variety of angles and interests, both in the United States and Cuba, as well as in other contexts.

Rich Country, Poor People

The USA is by all accounts the richest nation on Earth. Hardly surprising, really: rich natural resources allied to rapidly developing industry and commerce gave it a head start.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor and the New Racism: Getting Beyond the Politics of Denial

While many liberals suggest that with the election of Barack Obama to the presidency the United States has become a post-racial society, many conservatives have now taken the opposite position.

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