UN Charter Article 26 and Disarmament

The United Nations Charter was negotiated by 50 governments and opened for signature in June 1945. Article 26 of the Charter offers evidence of assumptions made about this new institution and how nations united and working together could actually prevent conflict and deliver peace and security.

Tight Belts, Tough Choices for Global Charities

Humanitarian organizations face tough choices if the global financial crisis affects their income, as some analysts predict. Although it is too soon to predict the full impact of the crisis on funding, some agencies said they were reviewing possible cutbacks and some have started tightening their belts.

G20 'must stand by aid pledges'

Leaders of the top 20 industrial and big emerging-market countries will be asked to reaffirm their commitments to development assistance at the emergency summit on 15 November convened by President George W Bush to address the global financial crisis.

Barack Obama: The Challenges Ahead

Barack Obama unquestionably won the presidential elections in the United States. However, beyond his successful, well-organized and coherent electoral campaign, his overwhelming victory still leaves space for different interpretations.

Inject Demand into the Economy not Liquidity

Discussions of the current world economic crisis tend to focus exclusively on the bursting of the housing bubble in the United States. This no doubt is the immediate cause of the crisis, but underlying its operation is the fact that the stimulus for booms in contemporary capitalism has increasingly come from such bubbles.

Socialize the Banks

The financial crisis has global effects. It has driven the world economy into a recession resulting in extreme stock price losses and increasing effects on the material economy in large extent, as currently experienced in the German automobile industry.

Why Nationalization isn't Socialism

Like the nationalization of Northern Rock in Britain, US President George W Bush's plan to bail out Wall Street finance corporations to the tune of $700 billion has spread ideological confusion far and wide.


Global Warming and Ocean Life

Global climate change has already begun to make the oceans more acidic, damaging sea life and threatening food chains, a new article at reported this week.

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