Bush Orders Purge of 200,000 Ohio Voters

Voting rights organizations this week rejected a Bush administration effort to interfere in Ohio's electoral process by ordering a purge of some 200,000 voters from that state's voter rolls. The US Supreme Court earlier this month declared such an effort to purge voters illegal.


McCain's Health Plan is 'Worse for Women'

John McCain's health care proposal would endanger women's access to health care coverage and would fail to fully cover women's health needs.

Some Basic Causes for the Uncertainty of Polling

In chapter 7 of David W. Moore's new book, The Opinion Makers, the author tries to look ahead at the future of polling. He begins with a discussion of the how the polls blew it with regard to their predictions of the outcome of New Hampshire primary held in January 2008.

McCain Campaign Chair Orders Investigation of Lawful Voters

In Cincinnati, this week, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), along with other voting rights groups, charged the Hamilton County Special Prosecutor's office with arbitrarily investigating voters who lawfully used Ohio's same-day voter registration before casting a ballot in the state's early voting process.


A Second Wave for Dems in the House?

With all eyes focused on the remaining 14 days of the presidential campaign, little attention has been aimed at the congressional races and the possibility for a second sweep of between 10 and 20 Republican-held seats in Congress, by some estimates.

40 Years Ago Today: Why the Smith and Carlos Legacy Lingers

It lasted for only as long as it took to play the National Anthem, and yet it's lasted for four decades. The image of Tommie Smith and John Carlos, their black-gloved fists raised to the heavens on October 16th, 1968 at the Mexico City Olympics, has somehow grown in power over the last 40 years.

Taxpayers and the True Price of Oil

The US government spends as much as $215 billion each year on military action globally to defend Big Oil's access to petroleum reserves around the globe in order to feed our addiction to oil, according to a new analysis published this week by the National Priorities Project.


John McCain and ACORN

In an op-ed posted Tues. Oct. 14th, titled 'Obama and Acorn,' the Wall Street Journal's editorial board attempted to link Barack Obama to the activist group ACORN, and by association to recent false allegations that ACORN engaged in deliberate voter fraud.

Wal-Mart's Right-wing Agenda

To the tune of tens of millions of dollars, multinational retail giant Wal-Mart has been funding a right-wing political agenda, according to the Web site .

28 Votes: McCain's Record Against Veterans

In the first presidential debate John McCain professed love for veterans and insisted, 'They know I'll take care of them.' But his record is making many veterans doubt the basis for that claim.

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