Keeping Banks Afloat: Government Gives Markets a Helping Hand

It is impossible to keep count of the billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money being handed out by governments and central banks to salvage the largest financial institutions and shore up a crisis-ridden capitalist system.

Global Capitalism 'On the Edge of Abyss'

In an Oct. 21 statement noting that global capitalism is 'on the edge of the abyss,' the Canadian Labour Congress says that 'dramatic recent events have thrown into sharp relief some chronic and long-standing problems of our global and national economic system.


Island of Lead-tainted Toys

The biggest problem with the recall of millions of lead-tainted toys over the last few years has been getting shops and consumers to comply. According to Mattel historically only about six percent of recalled toys are returned.

Climate Change May Drown Cities

People in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, prefer to commute in three-wheeled autorickshaws, taxis and buses that run on compressed natural gas (CNG), in their bid to slow down global warming.


Global Water Crisis

Today fully one-sixth of the world’s human population lacks access to clean drinking water, and more than two million people—mostly kids—die each year from water-borne diseases.

Financial Meltdown Could Increase Jobless by 20 Million

The global financial crisis could increase world unemployment by an estimated 20 million women and men, the director-general of the International Labor Office (ILO) said on Monday.

Is the Crisis Transforming Global Finance?

After much dithering, lots of high drama and much effort to avoid the inevitable for fear that it would straightjacket capitalism, governments in the developed industrial countries have taken the first, major, necessary step to begin resolving the financial crisis.


Karl Marx and the Economic Crisis Today

In a recent article for Reuters, titled “Karl Marx and the World Financial Crisis,” Bernd Debussmann discusses the present global crisis.

Make Every Effort to Achieve Peace in Afghanistan

Seven years have elapsed since the United States started its war of retaliation against Afghanistan. With turmoil growing in the Afghan situation, there is a widespread view in the United Nations and countries that keep ground troops there that military means cannot resolve the conflict.

The Capitalist Crisis and Credit (2008)

We can expect that the recent oft reported suggestions that there are going to be schemes to regulate remuneration for future bank executives is probably in grave danger, even while such schemes are only glints in the eye of the government.

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