Recession is On, McCain Offers More Bush Policies

Nine straight months of job losses, a collapse in consumer spending, growing home foreclosures, and few good signs for the future, all point, economists now say, to the fact that recession has overtaken the economy.

Keeping Banks Afloat: Government Gives Markets a Helping Hand

It is impossible to keep count of the billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money being handed out by governments and central banks to salvage the largest financial institutions and shore up a crisis-ridden capitalist system.

Global Capitalism 'On the Edge of Abyss'

In an Oct. 21 statement noting that global capitalism is 'on the edge of the abyss,' the Canadian Labour Congress says that 'dramatic recent events have thrown into sharp relief some chronic and long-standing problems of our global and national economic system.

Not Naming the System: Say It Ain’t So, Capitalism?

People of the United States. Capitalism. Capitalism. People of the United States. There, you’ve been introduced. Don’t say I’m not a good host.


McCain Recycles Bush's Economic Policies

John McCain's desperation took a few big rhetorical leaps this week as he tried to portray himself as just another anti-Bush candidate.


Without Growth Stimulus, World Plunges into Crisis

The US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB) lowered interest rates while the markets were in free-fall Wednesday morning, panicked by the continued financial crisis and its repercussions on the general economy.

The Facts About Tax Cuts and the Presidential Campaign

As John McCain travels the country screaming about taxes, socialism, terrorism, and anything else that occurs to him, more than 1.5 million people have logged onto the Obama campaign's new Web site, , to find out how much they would save in tax relief under the Obama plan.


Economic Crisis Deepens

What will be impact of the Wall Street bankruptcies, bailouts and blunders on working people in this country and worldwide? What's the solution to the crisis?

Credit Crunch Hits College Students

The credit crunch is limiting college access for some students in the United States by making it more difficult for them or their parents to obtain student loans to finance the steep cost of a four-year education.

World Food Day: Global Crises’ Double Standards

The 25th annual World Food Day, marked on 16 October, was an occasion whose arrival and passing received little media attention or governmental fanfare. Evidently, much of the world media and governments are consumed with an economic crisis of epic proportions.

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