Russia Wary of NATO’s Eastward Expansion

Ever since America gained Georgia via the Rose Revolution in 2003, and then cemented her influence in parts of Ukraine through the Orange Revolution in 2004, Russia’s antagonism towards American influence in the post-Soviet space has grown immensely.

Taxpayers and the True Price of Oil

The US government spends as much as $215 billion each year on military action globally to defend Big Oil's access to petroleum reserves around the globe in order to feed our addiction to oil, according to a new analysis published this week by the National Priorities Project.

Nationalize the Banks, Employ the Unemployed

Last week the major economies of the world, including the US, European Union, China, Russia and Brazil, carried out an unprecedented and coordinated reduction of interest rates in an effort stabilize the global financial crisis. The effort itself was not immediately successful.

Global Warming and Oceanic Deserts

So-called “ocean deserts” or “dead zones” are oxygen-starved (or “hypoxic”) areas of the ocean. They can occur naturally, or be caused by an excess of nitrogen from agricultural fertilizers, sewage effluent and/or emissions from factories, trucks and automobiles.

Trade Unions Demand Effective Responses to Worsening Financial and Food Crises

With the spreading financial crisis likely to take center stage at the upcoming annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF in Washington on 11-13 October, the global trade union movement is urging the international financial institutions (IFIs) not to overlook the millions of low-income workers whose buying power has declined drastically because of food and fuel price hikes.

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