The Specter of Big Government? Get Real

The framing of the debate along these lines – big versus small government – is misleading. It cleverly conceals what’s at the core of the present controversy that has divided Congress and the country: the role and responsibilities of government.


Lonesome Hobo Visits Wall Street – and Gets the Obama Speech

Some on both the left, and Libertarian, sides of the political stream, are quick to oversimplify the current crisis as a cyclical crisis of overproduction, ho hum, 'that's capitalism,' love it or leave it. But I think there is more going on.


Harvesting Rain Water for Household Use

For most of us, the rain that falls on our roof runs off into the ground or the sewer system. But if you’re motivated to save a little water and re-distribute it on your lawns or plants—or even use it for laundry, dishes or other interior needs—collecting rainwater from your gutters’ downspouts is a no-brainer.


Podcast #110: President Obama Raises the Roof at the AFL-CIO Convention

On this episode, President Obama raises the roof at the AFL-CIO annual convention, discussing his positions on issues like workers' rights, the environment, jobs, health care reform and education.


Repeal of DOMA Introduced in House

The House of Representatives took a step this week toward repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the 1996 federal ban on marriage equality that singles out same-sex couples for exclusion, when a group of more than 90 members introduced the Respect for Marriage Act.

Atlanta: Budget, Crime at Issue in First Televised Mayoral Debate

Four top candidates for Mayor of Atlanta discussed public safety and crime, as well as Atlanta's City finances, on Sunday, September 13, 2009, during the season’s first televised debate sponsored by the Atlanta Police Foundation and aired on WSB-TV.

Senate Health Bill Harms Immigrants, Children

Provisions in the initial draft of the Senate Finance Committee's health reform proposal dealing with immigration issues has sparked outrage from immigration reform advocates. Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, on a conference call with reporters, Sept. 16, charged Senate Democrats and the Obama administration with bending too far in response to misleading or fabricated Republican claims about health reform legislation and immigrants.

Goodbye Luis, Welcome to the Jobless Ranks

Approaching touchdown on an international flight on a U.S. air line a couple of weeks ago, the cabin crew had a special announcement: 'For one of us this will be the last trip,' said the attendant. 'As you know the company has been furloughing a number of employees.


CNN's Lou Dobbs Legitimizes Hate

Hate-based, anti-immigrant propaganda has poisoned not only the health care debate but is also distorting the public discussion about immigration reform, charged a group of civil rights, immigration reform advocacy and media watchdog organizations this week.


Afghanistan: Sham Elections

The August 20 presidential election in Afghanistan has turned out to be a bigger farce than the first one held five years ago. In that election, at least more Afghans turned out to vote at the urging of the various warlords and assorted power brokers.

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