A Marxist IQ for "Fiscal Cliff Dwellers" by Norman Markowitz

Given the capitalist media aka propaganda machines endless empty talk about the nation at the "fiscal cliff," in an effort to make make spending cuts into a fait accompli, this week's Marxist IQ looks at the issue and what lays behind it


  1.  James O’Connor and other Marxist economists began to write about the “fiscal crisis of the state” when it began in

         a. the depression of the  1930s


 c.the 1970s

d. the Clinton administrion of the 1990s



      2.   Most Marxists see the immediate cause of the “fiscal crisis” as

      a. overspending for social welfare programs by government

      b. trillions given to capital in military spending and trillions lost to government in tax cuts

       c. selfishness and greed

       d. political corruption


3.   A resolution of the “fiscal crisis” that best suits the capitalist class would be

       a. sharp reductions in medicare and social security benefits, the two real “welfare state” programs in the U.S.

       b. tax increases that effect primarily moderate and low income people

       c. no reduction in military spending and other direct subsidies to capital

       d. all of the above


4. A resolution of the “fiscal crisis” that best suits the working class would be

     a. the establishment of tariffs that would sharply reduce imports

     b. a “tax cut for the middle class”

      c. repeal of both the Reagan and Bush tax cuts and the deregulation of the economy, along        with sharp reductions in military spending and other direct subsidies to capital

     d. the U.S. defaulting on its debt


5.  Most Marxists believe that as long as the capitalist class remains the ruling class

      a. capital will be guided only by its drive to maximize profit

       b. all gains made by the people will be regarded as temporary concessions

       c.  the only longterm solution to the “fiscal crisis” is the abolition of capitalism

       d. all of the above



I don't have time to post the right answers to last week's Marxist IQ so I will post both next week 


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  • 1. a

    2. b

    3. d

    4. c

    5. d

    Posted by Sean Mulligan, 12/09/2012 2:07pm (4 years ago)

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