AKEL Statement on the recent tragic event at Mari naval base

The tragic incident at Mari resulted in the creation of a difficult situation for Cyprus.

AKEL Statement on the recent tragic event at Mari naval base

Release Date: July 21, 2011 

The tragic incident at Mari resulted in the creation of a difficult situation for Cyprus. Apart from the deep pain and sorrow it inflicted on the whole of society, it has also caused a social upheaval which has regretfully intensified the political fanaticism that has, on the part of certain circles and forces, gone to the extreme.

As AKEL, from the outset we stressed that the tragic loss of human lives makes an immediate, serious, responsible and in depth investigation imperative, an investigation that will identify the causes of the tragic incident and apportion responsibilities where and wherever they exist. It is important to safeguard that for as long as it is ongoing the conclusions of the investigation must not be preempted. The only thing such a development would bring would be to raise difficulties to the path towards the truth and the dispensing of justice. The pledge and demand of AKEL is for the full probing of the case and apportioning of blame whoever it may be, based on the findings of the investigation.

The events of 11th July have created a multitude of consequences for the country. The leadership of AKEL had a meeting with the President of the Republic and discussed ways of thoroughly tackling the critical situation that has been formulated. The essential conclusion is that at this time the greatest possible unity and rallying of the political forces of the country is demanded. At this time, division and discord which some circles are trying to cultivate within Cypriot society must be terminated. The confrontation based on ideological posturing, which can only lead to unpleasant adventures, must be eased. As AKEL, we shall lead the way in averting such a development. I clarify that this does not mean that it will be demanded from any political force to abandon its character, philosophy and positions.

It is a common assessment that the restoration of the credibility of the political system in the eyes of the Cypriot people is a pressing need. The full investigation and apportion of responsibilities regarding the tragic events at Mari will constitute a significant step towards this end. However at the same time the serious tackling of the problems caused as a result of these events is demanded too. One of these problems is the continuous and uninterrupted supply of electricity power. The Government and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus AHK have already taken significant steps towards the right direction. We believe that the energy issues must be discussed collectively, aiming at tackling them in an all-round and comprehensive way.

Furthermore, the tackling of the economic difficulties that have arisen as a consequence of the world economic crisis and that have been exacerbated further due to the deadly blast at Mari is demanded. It is the conviction of AKEL that this goal can be achieved with consensus and collectivity within the framework of the convergence that existed in the meetings of the President with the political forces. It is important that we seek a common understanding on a broad range of proposals we agree with and not with extreme approaches. These extreme approaches will only lead to social upheaval that will exacerbate even more the problems of the economy.

In the meetings held on the economy a positive disposition was recorded between the social players to support the efforts underway. We are duty bound to utilize this disposition through a speedy and constructive dialogue. Now is the time for collective decisions and not unilateral actions that potentially may be considered as provocative by the social players, provoking problems to the whole objective.

In addition the attempt to promote further changes and reforms in the functioning of the wider public sector must continue and intensify aiming at its more smooth and effective operation. Within this framework effective control, meritocracy, openness and the combating of the phenomena of inertia, lack of initiative and corruption in the public sector must be strengthened.

During the discussion with the President of the Republic we proposed that he proceed to a broad cabinet reshuffle as soon as possible. The goal must be the formulation of a government formation that will function with the greatest possible effectiveness. An effort must be made for the participation of the parties that are taking part in the government today, but also credible personalities that enjoy a broader acceptance.

Cyprus is going through a very critical and decisive phase. At this moment it is imperative that responsibility, sober dialogue, unity and consensus prevail. All the political and social forces of the country must feel conscious of the responsibilities we have towards our country and people and undertake initiatives to overcome the wounds by leading Cyprus and Cypriot society forward.

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