Another company discriminates against the unemployed

While getting a quote for a moving truck, I came across a hidden bit of discrimination aginst those of us that are unemployed and disabled.

If you read my Facebook note, Im sorry in advance because you already read this.


Its no secret. My wife and I are moving. So we went shopping for the best rates for the move, and we came down to either a shipping container, like PODS, or U-Haul. So I went to get a quote from U-Haul, and since one of our cars will be shipped with our belongings, I wanted to make sure we were covered. 


I went online, and filled out the required information. Then it asked for insurance on the move. I selected the SuperSafe move, which would cover everything and everyone from dammage or harm. The basic policy wouldn't. Then it asks you if you are employed. If you answer no, it asks if you are retired. Then it asks if you have a felony, and other insurance besides health insurance. If you answer no to the retired question as well, or the Felony, you dont get insurance. It will block you from choosing it if you do. 


I reported on this to those people I know on Twitter, and U-Haul caught it and called me. After talking with the representative, he told me that the insurance company has that policy, and U-Haul doesn't. I then reminded him that no where on the site was any information stating that it was a seperate company all together. He replied that it was because technically they WERE the same company, and therefore it WAS U-Haul policy to discriminate against the unemployed, disabled, and fellons reguardless of their ability to pay for services. 


I refuse to do business with U-Haul every again, and until they change their policies, I believe everyone should boycott them openly. Thats my opinion, of course. 


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