Bloice's Quote of the Day: John Nichols

Quote of the Day
October 9, 2012

'Hopefully, Vice President Biden will be blunter in
calling out Paul Ryan in  Thursday's vice
presidential debate. The House Budget Committee,
whose allegiance to Wall Street speculators
threatens the retirement security of Americans over
age 65 and, especially, of Americans who are headed
toward retirement, has outlined a strategy for the
eventual privatization of Social Security. Biden
could simply quote the National Committee to
Preserve Social Security and Medicare, which says
that for " the GOP Romney/Ryan Presidential ticket,
Social Security is seen as little more than a budget
target. They intend to use it to fund tax cuts for the
wealthiest Americans and allow Wall Street to
access American workers' Social Security funds".'

John Nichols Washington correspondent
for the Nation and the associate editor
of the Madison, Wis. Capital Times

The Nation
October 8, 2012

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