Bloice's Quote of the Day -- Richard Trumka

Quote of the Day 
November 16, 2012

'"There is no fiscal cliff! What we're facing is an
obstacle course within a manufactured crisis that
was hastily thrown together in response to inflated
rhetoric about our federal deficit. Don't
misunderstand me. I don't for a moment think that
America's deficit is not a long-term problem. It is,
but it's not our short term crisis. But all the deficit
chatter has distracted us from our real crisis-the
immediate crisis of 23 million unemployed or
underemployed workers, a crumbling national
infrastructure, an under-supported manufacturing
sector, all of which require significant federal
investments, all of which will allow our economy to
grow out of this crisis, instead of digging us further

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka 
November 16, 2012


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