Cuba Strengthens Measures against Influenza A H1N1

6-19-09, 10:21 am

HAVANA, Cuba, June 18 (acn) The strengthening of epidemiological actions has allowed Cuba keeping the Influenza A H1N1 epidemic in check; since it break out 69 days ago, the pandemic disease has affected 46,000 people in 85 countries.

During a press conference held in this capital city, Cuban Deputy Hygiene and Epidemiology Minister Dr. Luis Estruch stressed that some 15 imported cases have thus far been reported in the country and that over 3,000 people have been submitted to study.

Estruch explained that personal temperature sensors have been placed in 13 airports, which have made it possible to detect four of the infected people, while the rest were identified at homes or hotels.

Other measures implemented against the virus, which has already caused the death of 180 people in the world-, include the health declaration form for passengers upon their arrival to Cuban airports, along with other filters reinforced in these facilities with epidemiologists and other specialists.

The deputy minister announced that Cuba has implemented an additional measure that consists in submitting all passengers arriving on the Caribbean archipelago under observation for 10 days.

These public health regulations are binding on everyone in order to detect the virus on time and thus prevent it from spreading to communities, neighborhoods, and households, Estruch pointed out.

The Cuban official on the population to maximize hygienic measures, like washing their hands, covering the mouth when coughing and if case of any flu-related symptoms they should look for immediate medical attention.

He announced that Cuba has the necessary resources to provide appropriate treatment and counter the epidemic, both in children and adults, with free medical assistance, which also applies to foreign visitors.

When asked by ACN about the measures taken in the case of Cuban voluntary workers abroad, he explained that every country has established thorough medical checkups for Cuban workers before traveling to the island.

The Cuban News Agency