Davidson Instant Debate Analysis

via Carl's Facebook page

My instant analysis: Obama over Romney, but Romney gets points, of a sort, by totally befuddling everyone by agreeing with Obama on things he denounced him for earlier. In the end Obama came of clear, firm and decisive, while Romney was the waffler, ie, not what you want as commander-in-chief. The big loser was the rest of us, because we didn't get a real debate, even a narrow one between the two

 factions on Empire. You had to have a magnifying glass to see where the underlying differences between Obama's multilateral globalists clashed with the Romney NeoCons unilateralism and US hegemonism came into play. But with either side, we're in trouble. Same on the domestic side. Obama clearly prefers an industrial policy for the US if it's to compete better in the global economy,while Obama sticks with the neoliberal supply siders, sort of. Even here he backpedals toward Obama positions. But 'fewer horses and bayonets, too' was the best line of the night.

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